Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Since the day i knew about you,
Everything just gone wrong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another new start?
From Curtin to Nilai then finally China here i come.. Last call.. Take it or leave it.. I use to have all the time but now it's not like that anymore..

Family changed me, Friends changed me but time really did its work turning me around.. Family, Studies then comes love..

I may look and sound cold, i may feel annoyed, bothered, irritated and tired.. Actually i still care.. I may have done the NOT TO DOs but i'm still me..

I may not my family as much as others do.. but we all have one thing in common.. We love them..
We choose our friends, we choose who to be with not others think who we should be with..

When it comes to love, seriously i'm as noob as dumb and dumber.. or may be dumber.. i have no experience.. in any LOVE shit.. so.. forget it.. Or i'll consider if one day i meet a girl that really wants know me.. :)

Anyways, 5 hours to my Flight to China..

Loves to all my friends who came to meet up.. Appreciate it.. MUCH!LOTS!LOVES!

And to someone that i love too.. A hug makes us feel closer.. i agree.. it really does.. You won't forget how warm and how real the love is..

Goodbye Miri, Goodbye Msia.. See you in CNY..

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines

Though thee i wished but i have not spoken to,
Desperate and fear made me look like a fool,
A fool that's madly in love with she,
A fool that knows it's not meant to be.

-Being in love is the most non-selfish things we've done because we give out love no matter what-
-Happy Valentines-

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I like you so much,
But i know you cant be mine that much,
that is why,
I'm just gonna say goodbye.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Went to watch a movie, New Year's Eve it was and i must say it was the most AWESOME! EXTRAORDINATY! TOUCHING! A MUST SEE!

It had the funniest ( RUSSELL PETERS), hottest male and female susperstars, best script ever. The story was sooooo good i smiled all the way.

After the show i went out i saw the poster and i wanted to look at the actors again, guess wad, was so pissed that they didn't put russell peters in the list. May be they put another name but who care, there was no russell peters. If they put his name in it i assure you the sales will fly up through the roof.

Anyways, main point. After the really nice and touching movie, i unlock my phone (which is the one thing i'll do after everything i do) i see a great smile that really really emphasize and magnified everything that i've heard and seen from the movie. The feeling was sooo sooo good. UNIMAGINABLE!!

Your smile, Is everything now.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sometimes just knowing and understanding about what you love to do just makes me have doubts.. I like you but i don't deserve to like you if i can't even like what you like.. it's not that i hate it.. it's just that i'm not that interested in it.. can you accept that? Many love stories stops halfway because they found out how much they know about each other and realizing or predicting things may be work out..